Friday, May 18, 2012

I love the beach. There is nowhere I'd rather be. Maybe someday, when I'm too old to enjoy it, I'll be able to retire to a beach house. Who am I kidding? I'll never be able to retire. Hell, there will probably be no such thing as social security or medicare in the not too distant future. Well enough of that. Let me just enjoy it while I can. The house we are in is stocked with everything you could want and more. There's a shower outside so you can wash away the sand before coming in to have your afternoon nap. If I stayed outside in the middle of the day I'd be more red than a well-seasoned crawfish. After the nap we stroll the shore looking for treasure. I found a whole sand dollar yesterday, some interesting looking driftwood and many shells. I plan to make a wind chime with my treasures when we get back home to the 'hood. Since I have been up before dawn and enjoyed my Sloppy Bob (sandwich from Dauphin Island BBQ - pulled pork, beans and slaw) I'm getting a little sleepy. Time for the afternoon nap and one last night of crashing waves, sand in my toes and cooking with a view of dolphins.