Saturday, July 30, 2011

My birthday 2011

I got all kinds of great presents this year, I guess it was because I told everyone exactly what I wanted! Most of it was ghost hunting equipment. I also got a beautiful pair of earrings and an antique garnet ring. Last night we had dinner at Chateau Du Lac in old Metairie. It was wonderful. I had my first French 75 and it won't be the last. We both had the rich, beef broth-y French Onion soup, then shared the cheese plate and Belgian endive salad. He had the steak and I had the duck. For dessert (we were too full to eat it all) they brought out a ladyfinger/apricot/whipped cream shortcake kinda thing with a candle and sang happy birthday to me. Thank you to my sweetie for the lovely dinner and the surprise champagne.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Bayou Dularge

My partner in crime and I headed to the end of the earth this weekend. We left early, stopped in Chackbay for a photo op, then ended up in Bayou Dularge. We debated over driving across a very old wooden bridge and decided it would be best to park on the grass and walk across. Good thing we did because not three steps onto the bridge, Henry went down. A board was loose and Henry's leg went right through. He was ok thank God! So we continued on down the highway then it was time for lunch at Spahr's. The food is mostly fried stuff and seafood. The crab and corn soup was so creamy and full of crabmeat. We looked for gators in the bayou behind the restaurant but there were none to be seen. Not surprisingly, really, considering how hot it was outside.