Saturday, September 15, 2012

I received a call from hubby telling me he forgot to get cat food for the mailbox kitties. These are the kitties across from Middendorf's, by the fire station. Of course I jumped in the car, bought food and headed that way. I smushed two snakes on the way there. Not on purpose! They slithered under my tires and before I knew it they were vulture food. Oh well, I fed the cats AND the birds today. When I got to the kitties they all yelled at me until I opened the nice new bag of food. They ate, mama let me pet her, then I went across the street to visit T-Mew (the roof cat) and rest of the crew. Flat licked my toes, Black Girl mewed at me, Katze, Rabbit, Simba, Multi-Kitty and Vickie were all there and happy to be petted.

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