Sunday, October 7, 2012

Henry's birthday

Tomorrow is my dear friend Henry's birthday. Being monitarily challenged I took him out for breakfast at Paul's Cafe in Ponchatoula. After that we perused the wide variety of items at CJ's Antiques across the street. I got Henry a little electric skillet for one. He said he liked it so I'm happy with my purchase. We also visited with the mailbox kitties, roof kitty and the Mid kitties. They were very fiesty today. It must be due to the crisp fall air. Hope you like my pics and HAPPY BIRTHDAY HENRY! I am a lucky girl to have you as a friend.


  1. Thanks for a nice morning. I used the vintage kitchen appliance to warm up some weenies and buns.

  2. Great pics.... sorry I missed saying "Happy Birthday"... (couldn't figure out how to post via android while out of town.... you were in my thoughts, handsome!)