Saturday, October 10, 2009

From Chackbay to Convent

Well the weather did not allow us to go to the Chackbay gumbo fest. They were towing cars out of the mud when we got there. So, we turned around and headed back toward Vacherie then across the river to lunch at Hymel's with a few stops along the way. The newest member of the daytrip team, Nanette, was treated to her first Slush Puppie. She didn't like it at first but said it grew on her. We visited St. Michael's church on River Road to show her the grotto. It was a nice day even though we got a little wet. It only sprinkled thankfully.


  1. Glad you sent me this blog addy, my friend... such fun we had!

  2. Show 'em da orbs in da grotto, baby! That absolutely tickled me!